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"Jurgen Klopp" pendants 7 World Cup battles

“Jurgen Klopp” pendants 7 World Cup battles

Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool team, asks 7 players in the national team to play in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. so that the agency will be able to assess the plan correctly As for those. Who are defective, the aforementioned issue comes back with heavy repairs.

Newcastle slams Dortmund for Leeds' Rameh Back

Newcastle slams Dortmund for Leeds’ Rameh Back

Cody Drameh, the young Leeds full-back, has emerged as a favorite when both Newcastle and Bundesliga superpowers Borussia Dortmund join the league. Germany showed interest in joining the army ufabet. According to Mail Sport , the 20 -year-old has caught the eye of scouts from the Fulham youth ranks all the way up

Trossard responds directly to Chelsea speculation

Trossard responds directly to Chelsea speculation

Brighton attacker Leandro Trossard has confirmed that there has not been an official contact with Chelsea over rumors that Chelsea want to join the team.          The 27-year-old has been outstanding for the team this season following seven goals ufabet and two

Gosens underestimated serious injury

Gosens underestimated serious injury

Inter Milan wing-back Robin Gosens admits he underestimated the injury. in the midst of problems encountered throughout the latter          The Germany international moved to “Python” last summer. But failed to hold a position in the team plus there were always annoying injuries. By playing