Say goodbye to “dry face” and flaky

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Say goodbye to dry face. How cold I don’t know I just know that I don’t need air conditioning at all. Due to the cold weather like this, We wants all the girls to take good care of themselves. Who still does not know how to take care of themselves? Recommend 5 ways to take care of yourself to be ready. Cope with cold weather By keeping the body warm and healthy But that is not enough, girls who love beauty and beauty like us. Should not be overlooked to take care of facial skin because if when “Dry face” until it is already flaky Any irritation or itchy rash will certainly follow. Finally, it becomes a problem with premature aging. Until it makes our faces age prematurely So we have a great How To from Romrawin Cosmetics about healthy skin care. Radiant skin And have soft water to leave it to see

Tip to say goodbye “Dry face” is flaky

As you all know, we should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, which women can do or not. Probably don’t have to answer But this year we may have to begin to intend to do so. The more cold weather like this Water is extremely important to the body. The easiest way to keep your face from drying out is by drinking enough water. Easy way to observe That the facial skin is dehydrated or not? Can be tested by giving the girls Try gently pinching the cheeks. And noticed that when releasing his hand Does facial skin return immediately? If it returns immediately, the skin is not dehydrated. But if a few seconds have passed, the cheeks will return. That indicates that you are beginning to have dehydrated skin. If you still find it difficult to drink one full glass at a time, MIRROR recommends sipping it. All day long Let’s do it together. Guarantee the facial skin will be more radiant, healthy, not dry. Until the formation of สมัคร ufabet wrinkles And most importantly, under the eyes is not dark as well

Choose a skin care that is suitable for your skin

Which Lady MIRROR “dry face”? Raise your hand! For people with dry skin, they already know how to choose a moisturizer or skincare that is suitable for their skin. But for anyone who has just encountered a dry skin problem You may not know what kind of moisturizer or skin care you need. MIRROR recommends that people with dry skin problems. Choose a nourishing cream that contains ingredients. That helps add moisture as well, such as Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Urea, Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Lanolin, Mineral Oil or Petrolatum Jelly, these substances will help dry the skin. Become more moisturized skin And avoid alcohol-based skin care or products that contain AHA or Retinoids, as they can dry out even more skin.

Intense masks Make your skin glow

When oily skin is bad Then have to hurry and say goodbye to girls Let’s add moisture to the skin. Especially those who need urgent recovery overnight. MIRROR recommends the cream sleeping mask. By applying after all skin care Now, when you wake up in the morning, the girls will feel their skin is beautiful and radiant. Try to see if it is really moist or not. If anyone does not have a cream sleeping mask. You can use a facial mask before going to bed. When the mask is finished, do not forget to apply a nourishing cream to nourish the skin. Guarantees the cheeks will not be flaky Plus, it’s also nice to kiss more.

Do not wash your face for a long time. Do not use bar soap.

Washing your face is another thing that should be given to women who should not wash their face as well. Absolute bar soap Because bar soap is alkaline This causes the skin to lose too much moisture, resulting in “dry skin” and flaky peeling. We should wash your face with a cleaning product that is suitable for your skin type. In the event that the skin is very dry in the morning, women may wash their face with just enough water. Because there is no makeup There is only a skin care cream that is applied at bedtime. And in the evening, makeup should be cleaned first Then wash your face with foam or cleansing gel Also, wash your face with room temperature water. Avoid using hot water to wash your face. This will make the skin more dry. And most importantly, the girls You should not wash your face for too long.

Can’t leave with sunscreen

Even if you didn’t go out at all, girls shouldn’t forget or ignore the use of sunscreen Because he only thinks that he is only in the house in the room That is a very wrong idea. Please do not forget that In the house there is a light bulb. Light from a computer screen Which destroys the entire surface And even if you don’t use sunscreen for a long time The surface is dull. Blemishes and freckles will follow. It is advisable to choose a sunscreen that contains important ingredients that help build collagen in the skin layers. Will make the skin look full of water, moisturize, give a smooth feeling And not sticky This will help keep the face surface not dry anymore.

This is How To take care of “dry face” without flaking. That we bring to everyone Let’s try to do it together. And don’t forget to sleep early And get enough sleep Eat a healthy diet. And reduce alcohol consumption or smoking. The problem of dry skin that causes premature aging is gone. And meet again If anyone still misses each other Press to read here. “Health” There are still many interesting stories, such as 5 types of vegetables that can be grown and eaten during Work From Home or will be the subject of “Auspicious shirt colors” Supplementary table “fortune” year 2021 including the concern that “Phthalai Ban” herbs can help fight COVID-19?  Read on.